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Drink Specials

Available at 11:00 a.m....... Mimosa - (Champagne and O.J.) 5.95 Available at 12:00 p.m.......... Bloody Mary Fresh tomato juice, spices, and vegetables. 5.75 Tequila Sunrise - (The Chef's eye opener). 4.50 authentic yucatan margaritas served only on the rocks like the back country of yucatan, mexico. made with fresh fruit juices, premium tequilas & liqueurs. Stokes' Signature Margarita reposado tequila mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice & triple sec 5.95 Strawberry Margarita reposado tequila, freshly pureed strawberries, lime juice and triple sec 6.95 Cancun Margarita reposado tequila, blue curaco, orange juice, lime juice and triple sec 6.55 El Capitan Margarita our top shelf margarita with patron tequila, grand marnier, freshly squeezed lime juice & slightly sweetened with orange juice 9.25 Shaken & Stirred Raspberry Mojito bacardi razz rum, crushed mint leaves and fresh lime juice with raspberries 6.95 The Side Car cognac, cointreau and fresh lime juice, rimmed with turbinado sugar, this retro drink is an east coast joy ride again! 6.95 The Metro Martini a twist on the traditional cosmopolitan with absolute mandarin vodka, sit back, sip on one of the these and put life into perspective! 6.75 Liquid Snickers Martini chocolate liqueur, hazelnut & premium vodka in a cocoa-rimmed glass. 8.95 Sangria this refreshingly cold, fruity wine will set you right with the world. glass. 5.95 pitcher. 23.95 Brews Premium Bottled Brews corona • corona light • pacifico • amstel light • heineken • heineken light. 4.25 Domestic Bottled Brews bud light • bud select • budweiser • michelob ultra • coors light • o'doul's. 3.25 Tapped Brews bud light. 3.50 xx dos equis • fat tire • boulevard wheat • boulevard pale ale. 4.50 Sweet Innocence Peach Iced Tea just like grandma used to make 2.45 Raspberry Iced Tea freshly brewed ice tea sweetened with raspberries 2.45 Strawberry Freckled Lemonade our lemonade with freshly pureed strawberries 2.45 Imported Mexican Coke seriously! try a classic bottle of the international variety 3.45 Pellegrino Sparkling Water 2.75